How Does It Work?

6 Easy Steps to Turn Your Used Fur Coat into $$$

1 E-mail us the completed Information form and attach a picture of the garment you would like to sell or consign. Please NEVER ship us your garment with out contacting BuyMyFur via
2 We will e-mail you an APPROXIMATE purchase price for your garment.
3 If you are interested in our preliminary purchase estimate, click here for a shipping label to place on your package. Please ship the garment via UPS or Federal Express. Print and include a copy of the Information Form with your garment. Email BMF the day you ship your garment so that we can track and receive your garment.
4 After your fur garment is received, our Master Furriers will complete a 15 – point inspection of it. Our staff will e-mail you an official purchase offer. You have the option of accepting or rejecting this offer. If you do not accept our offer, your garment will be shipped back to you at your expense, fully insured for actual cash value.
5 If you accept our offer to buy your used fur garment, you will receive payment by check within ten business days via the United States Postal Service.
6 If you do not accept our offer to buy your garment but would like to sell your used fur, you have the option of consigning your garment with

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