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Send Us Your Fur Garment Information

E-mail us the completed Information form and attach a picture of the fur garment (fur coat, fur jacket, mink coat, mink jacket, other furs) you would like to sell or consign. Please NEVER ship us your garment without contacting BuyMyFur via info@buymyfur.com

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We Assess Your Fur Garment

Once we receive the Fur Garment Information Form, we will e-mail you an APPROXIMATE purchase price range for your garment if we are interested in purchasing.

If you are interested in our preliminary purchase estimate range, please respond to our email and we will send shipping instructions. Print and include a copy of the Fur Garment Information Form inside the box with your garment. Email info@buymyfur.com the day you ship your garment so that we can track and receive your garment. Please ship the garment via UPS or Federal Express.

Please NEVER ship us your garment without contacting BuyMyFur.com via info@buymyfur.com

We Send You An Offer For Your Fur Garment

After your fur garment is received, our Master Furriers will complete a 15 – point inspection of it. Our staff will e-mail you an official purchase or consignment offer. You have the option of accepting or rejecting this offer. If you do not accept our offer, your garment will be shipped back to you at your expense, fully insured for actual cash value.

If you accept our offer to buy your used fur garment, you will receive payment by check within twenty business days via the United States Postal Service.

If you received a consignment offer, please sign the Estate Furs Consignment Agreement form, which will be attached to the offer e-mail. Then send the signed Estate Furs Consignment Agreement form via e-mail to info@buymyfur.com.

Fur Garment Information Form

Please fill out the following information below to get our assessment of your fur garment.

We do not assess garments without photos and unless ALL information is given.

Currently we are NOT accepting garments over 30 years old. We do not purchase any fur accessories (hats, flings, collars), nor are we purchasing or consigning garments constructed from OPOSSUM, NUTRIA, SQUIRREL, MOUTON LAMB, or MARMOT.

Please note that all of the fields that are followed by an "*" are required information.

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I give BuyMyFur.com permission to contact me regardless of my being on any "Do Not Call Registry."

The information that you shared above will remain confidential. BuyMyFur.com will not share your personal information with any other third party entities or organizations.


Founded as a procurement vehicle to supply a steadily growing market for luxury pre-owned fur, leather and shearling outerwear, BuyMyFur.com has established itself as a world leader in the procurement and marketing of unique, one of a kind pre-owned garments. We offer options for purchase or consignment for qualifying items.

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